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My newly published book for actors is here!  This book is a reference dictionary for understanding the language of actors.  Knowing how to interpret direction and notes is a must if you want to be a successful actor.  I have spent most of my life learning how to audition, how to book jobs, execute great work under pressure, how to create characters and respecting the craft of acting.  This book will help the new and seasoned actor learn and refresh their actors vocabulary, interpretations and communication with other creatives, as well as with your own instrument.  You may purchase here or online thru Amazon.  Link is below!  

Words from Industry leaders about the book;

JOHN FRANK LEVEY,csa (Legendary casting director of SHAMELESS, ER and The West Wing)
"Alyson Croft is a gifted and experienced actress and coach.  She speaks the language of actors and with respect and care."

WILL YUN LEE,  Actor (The Good Doctor, Altered Carbon) and Producer.
"Alyson’s knowledge and understanding of the craft of acting has been an incredible asset in going from “page” to “landing the job”. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is organically marrying your instincts with what is called for in the audition sides. Alyson gives you the tools to make this happen, and in turn, gives you the confidence to make every audition “uniquely yours”.

#1 Best Selling Actor's Dictionary

Book now available.
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Acting Classes and Private Coaching

A Place to Thrive

ALYSON CROFT by Shani Barel 031-2.jpg

"As an actor and coach I feel a responsibility to give freely the knowledge, wisdom, inspiration and support that helped me to thrive in this tough business.  These are the principles of my classes and coaching.  I really want my students and fellow artists to be empowered, excel, and succeed."  

Actor and Coach Alyson Croft is a Los Angeles native.  She began her career at the age of 6 years old landing her first SAG film role.  She has guest starred in shows spanning decades from Family Ties to Mad Men and Shameless.  Click here!

Alyson attended the rigorous Jr. high and high school programs for the Performing Arts for Professional Children. These intensive programs explored all areas of the performing arts disciplines.  During these years she continued working professionally on stage, television and film. 

Alyson won 2 Youth In Film awards for her work in T.V. and film, a Golden Halo Award and an LA WEEKLY award for her work on the stage.

Fresh out of high school Alyson joined a prominent theater company in Los Angeles helmed by long time mentor Anthony Barnao.  Here she worked on dozens of critically acclaimed productions.  At 24 she began writing her own plays.  5 of her plays were produced, received critical acclaim and extended runs.  Her play Cellophane City won the LA WEEKLY award for Best Playwriting of the year. Her Play 5th And Spring was ranked in the LA WEEKLY year end review as TOP TEN of the Year for all theater in the greater Los Angeles areas.  

After so many years working in this business she has hundreds of credits to her name.  Highlights include, a series regular on CBS's Blue Skies and Lenny, and recurred on shows like Lincoln Heights with Chadwick Boseman.  She starred in the cult film classics Trancers (I, II, and City Of Lost Angels) which is a favorite of film icon Quentin Tarantino.  Alyson's favorite work experience was two weeks on set "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke.  "Dick took me under his wing and took time to mentor me.  He taught me about the value of play, generosity, chemistry and comedy.  It was an honor, one I will always treasure."

She continued to train as an actor and branch out into producing and directing while continuing to audition, coach and work professionally all over the world.

Along this journey Coach Croft received her BA in Human Behavioral Science and Sociology.  "Understanding human behavior has been crucial in my study of the craft."

To date she has shared the screen with numerous Academy Award, Emmy and Tony winners.  She has completed work on dozens of films, television and over 200 + national commercials to her credit.  

Alyson's unique perspective, experience and grounded approach to the industry has proven to be a recipe for success.  There are alot of people out there who claim to know what it takes to be a successful, respected, well trained and balanced working actor.  Alyson Croft has actually LIVED the actor life, been on thousands of auditions, booked the jobs, taken the rejections and enjoyed the successes all while staying sane.  Alyson helps to guide you to being a superb actor who cannot be ignored. 

Alyson Croft Actors provides a unique and highly personalized method of learning, creating an environment to nurture, educate and encourage creative individuals to achieve the highest level of success. 

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