Why Coach Alyson Croft?  She grew up On Camera, so who better to teach you these skills.  She is a successfully working actor in front of the camera for 35+ years and coaching for 15. 

"I designed a class that I would want to take!  There are certain secrets about auditions and working on set that I can teach you.  I use my experiences to reveal how to best navigate your career.  In class we tackle audition sides, and break downs, go through different mock auditions, surprise exercises and situations, which all come from my real life experiences as an actor.  This will shave off years of trial and error from your journey in the industry!

Acting is a craft and the gems are found within YOU. What do YOU uniquely bring to the work?  Training with me will give you new optics as an actor and creative.  When the emotional, physical and cognitive functions are on full blast, your work can be electric, compelling and authentic.  My approach will furnish you with exercises, character work improvs, relaxation, emotional connection and method for you to fill your actor arsenal.  

Acting is not easy, but our job is to make it LOOK easy and flawless.   My goal is to make sure that no one can ever say they SEE you "acting"! 

When the work comes from within you, it is intimate, it is authentic and it is relatable.  How do you do that consistently?  Welp, lean in and contact us."  Coach Croft

The Actors is the perfect place to build the foundation, get back in fighting shape, love the process and create layered unique characters for any genre. Coach Croft is dedicated to teaching you the skills to becoming a committed, consistent and confident actor with a killer mindset who can not be ignored!  Be BOLD about your future success!

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Begin it Now

Stop dreaming you can be a successful actor. Begin it NOW. Step one-TRAIN. Get great.  The Actors Cartel is the place to learn how to attack your craft and career with provocative risk and fearless abandon. As the actors industry changes to zoom meetings and self tapes, Coach Alyson Croft is at the forefront of this new frontier. She will guide you to mastering your craft, the self tape, auditioning and solidify/refine your process.  Gain undeniable confidence and crafty skills. There is only one YOU. BEGIN it NOW!


"Alyson has empowered me to be more confident in how I approach auditions and jobs. Alyson holds me to a high standard but also empowers and encourages me.

She wants us to succeed."

 ACTOR Sheryl Bon

"My confidence as an actor has improved in a significant way with Coach Croft.    ACTOR Brad C. Carter

"I recommend taking her class and privates for auditions.  She is the best!"  ACTOR Kristen Marie

"She has helped me develop a strong emotional process."  ACTOR/WRITER Ian Pritchard

"Alyson's many years of experience as an actor is invaluable and her knowledge and understanding of both the craft and the business are exceptional!"  ACTOR Eric Seiver

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“If it seems planned, it’s not gonna land”
"To be a generous, vulnerable and a connected actor is to be GREAT."
"There are actors who affect us emotionally, there are actors who are interesting to watch, there are very few who have the skill to do BOTH.  Strive for BOTH."

Alyson Croft


Breakthroughs Happen Here

On Camera Class

Wednesday 7pm

In our ongoing weekly class, we tackle Film and Television roles, comedy and drama.  In addition we focus on audition tech, self tape, emotional connection, character and text break down and  industry standards.  Croft focuses on individual strengths and weaknesses with a supportive and creative approach.  Special exercises, improv and meditation are sprinkled through and added to the actors repertoire. ALSO special guest drop ins!

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Private Coaching

AUDITION- In this one on one, 1 hour session via zoom or in person, get a skilled eye to help you through the whole process.  Self Tape guidance!  This is by far the best way to nail your audition and make a lasting impression, every time.

PRIVATE- In this intensive 1 hour, 1 on 1 session you will hone your craft and create with Coach Croft.  If you are new to acting or a veteran, training and growth is always essential for this art form.  This is an opportunity to accelerate your foundations, dust off skills, eliminate bad habits, develop a stronger mindset,  or get prepped for an upcoming role.  On set and Studio coaching available upon request.

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Audition Private $60

1 hour Private $90

On Camera Class $200-month

Special Guest Session TBD

Commercial Class $75 (per class)

Industry/Career Run Down $90 

**Special Packages Available

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  Preferred Payment- Venmo, Zelle 


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