Self Tape Course

-Self Tape DO's and DONT'S

-Backdrops that are right for YOU.





-Eye Lines

-Eliminate distracting habits

-Compelling actor choices

-Thorough rundown by Coach

-Limited to 8 students per session

$150 3 class session package

On Camera Class

In our weekly class we tackle Film and Television roles.  Class focus is on-

-Audition Technique

-Emotional Connection

-Character life

-Script Breakdown



-Mental wellness

-Bold Individualized Choices

-Supportive Community of Actors

Wednesdays/Tuesdays 7pm

$145 Monthly

Private Audition Session

1 hour/ 1 on 1 session.  Get a trained eye to get your audition on point.  Don't waste an opportunity by flying blind.  Self tape guidance, professional reader, honest helpful tweaks to make your audition rock solid.  By far the best way to approach in your auditions!

$60 (1 Sesh)

$220 (4 Sesh)