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What They Said

Students and Guests Say....

"My confidence as an actor has improved in a significant way with Coach Croft. 

Her relaxation exercises are great!  They allow me to bring my best work. 

Alyson is so good at breaking down a scene and giving us notes. She sees

things we don't see." 

ACTOR Brad C. Carter

"Alyson has empowered me to be more confident in how I approach auditions and jobs.

She gives me permission to expand myself and my craft. She has a holistic approach to the business since she

has so much experience.  Alyson holds me to a high standard but also empowers and encourages me. She wants us

to succeed.  My confidence has really grown from taking Alyson's class." 

ACTOR Sheryl Bon

"I have been in Alyson's class for over two years, she has helped me grow and be more confident as an actor, I'm really grateful. Her class is fun, a lot of work and I've enjoyed the process.  My growth is huge! I love her improv exercises!" 

ACTOR Jessica Jablon

"Since starting Alyson's classes my overall confidence as an actor has increased so much.  Because we get into in depth analysis of story and character in class, my understanding of the material I'm working with has grown exponentially.  Alyson has coached me privately on auditions and I always end up feeling confident and very strong in my choices.  She really gets in there and tweaks the delivery, performance and suggests different choices I would not have thought of myself.....All in all, Alyson's many years of experience as an actor is invaluable and her knowledge and understanding of both the craft and the business are exceptional!" 

ACTOR Eric Seiver

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